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Be one of 1000 people who help us build South Africa’s first dedicated Elephant Orphanage. You can have your personal name, family name, company name or even a name in the memory of a loved one that had a passion for wildlife conservation.

Maximum of 10 per online order. Should you require more than 10 HEARTS, you can do a second transaction. Or alternatively, please contact us directly on +27 12 460 5605 or email fundraising@herd.org.za

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The 1000 Heart’s Campaign aims to raise R1 000 000 to assist with the building costs of phase one of South Africa’s first dedicated elephant orphanage.

A ‘Heart’ is a donation to the value of R1000 (or equivalent to USD70). We need to receive 1000 x R1000 donations to reach our target.

Each week we will update our followers with our progress with our 1000 Hearts ‘Ele-tracker’.

What You Get In Return

For each donation of R1000 or USD70, your chosen name will be displayed on our ‘Forever Wall of Gratitude’ at the newly built elephant orphanage.

The name can be an individual’s name/ a family name/ a business of school name. It is a beautiful tribute to feature the name in memory of someone who may have passed and had a passion for elephants or wildlife conservation.