For operational effectiveness, an Advisory Committee has been appointed for functional aspects of the Wildlife Conservation Trust.

This committee comprises one or more trustees of the WCT (currently including Adine Roode), and several additional members who are recognised leaders in the required functional areas. Members are appointed for a term concurrent with that of the WCT. Any trustee of WCT may request or be requested to attend an Advisory Committee meeting.

The role of the Advisory Committees:

  • The evaluation of individual activities, personnel, budgeting requirements and the initiation of new or termination of existing projects
  • The efficient implementation of those facets of the Research and Strategic Plans that are relevant to the functional areas
  • Budget and infrastructure needs
  • Service to the community

Advisory committee members

Prof Nick Kriek: Emeritus professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria. Still employed by the Section of Pathology in the Faculty.

Dr Willem Schultheiss: Business Unit Manager Ruminants at CEVA SANTE ANIMALE – CEVA SANTE ANIMALE Degree M.Med.Vet.(Gyn)UP.

Dr Peter Rogers: Wildlife veterinarian is a healthcare practitioner, specialising as a Veterinary Surgeon, in hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa.

Prof Eddie Webb: University of Pretoria Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences Degree MSc(Agric), PHD (Animal Science) PrSciNat(Anim)