The Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) is an objective body who identifies viable conservation or community initiatives and seeks to pair them with organisations or individuals who have the capacity or funding to assist with achieving their objectives. 

Our Mission

All projects are undertaken with the eventual goal of repopulating animals (both captive-bred and rehabilitated) to suitable natural preserves, with a long term view of benefiting broad scale wildlife conservation objectives in South Africa, for the ultimate well being of planet earth and its inhabitants.

Our Vision

To make a sustainable difference to vulnerable animal species, specifically those under threat of extinction. To be a partner to those whose work is fundamental to conservation, but who are restricted by a lack of money; as well as those who have the desire and capacity to offer tangible support. To educate people about the need to conserve wildlife and the environment.

Our Objectives

  • Facilitating sustainable activities relating to conservation, rehabilitation and the protection of wildlife.
  • Facilitating the care of animals in need, as well as the prevention of ill-treatment.
  • Engaging in education and training programmes relating to environmental awareness.
  • Facilitating projects whose focus is on educational enrichment, academic support, supplementary tuition or outreach programmes for the poor and needy.
  • Facilitating training for unemployed persons with the purpose of enabling them to find work that is meaningful and sustainable.
  • Facilitating the provision of school buildings or equipment for public schools and educational institutions engaged in public benefit activities.

Core Values

  • We believe it is every individual’s responsibility to help to protect South Africa’s wildlife for future generations.
  • We believe it is imperative to support public/private relationships to ensure the success of conservation efforts.
  • We believe in zero tolerance for any illegal activities relating to the trade or sale of wildlife, or parts thereof.

How WCT Came To Be

The Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) is an entity born through the efforts of many dedicated people and organisations over the years, all working towards the conservation of endangered and vulnerable animal species.

WCT was founded as an objective body to activate projects with a focus on the conservation, rehabilitation and protection of wildlife; as well as education and training programmes relating to the environment.

The Wildlife Conservation Trust was registered in 2015 with the Master of the High Court under IT586/2015(3) and is a Public Benefit Organisation, PBO Registration number 930049115.

Organisations that have already been involved in facilitated projects over the years include (but are not limited to):

  • Elephants Alive
  • Rhinos in Africa
  • Saving the Survivors
  • ESPU (Endangered Species Protection Unit of the Police)
  • Vets on Call
  • Hlokomela Clinic
  • Department Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Veterinarian Department of University of Pretoria Onderstepoort
  • Longleat Safari Park
  • Animal Defenders International
  • IAPF – International Anti-Poaching Foundation
  • Harnas Wildlife Foundation
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund
  • Wildlife Pharmaceuticals