Animal Hospital at HESC

The Rehabilitation and Release of wild animals brought into the care of HESC’s Animal Hospital.


Over the thirty years of HESC’s operations, the local community has identified the centre as a place that will assist in caring for wild animals that have been injured or displaced, with the hope of them being rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

The HESC Animal Hospital is run by the HESC team of Animal curators, who in turn work very closely with wildlife vet Dr. Peter Rogers, when necessary. Together they assess each animal in distress that is brought into their care and will proceed with the treatment needed, which can often be very expensive procedures, an always an unexpected expense.


Once treated, they will assess the patient to see if they could survive if reintroduced back into the wild. If they feel that is not possible, a forever home will be supplied by HESC where possible.

Unfortunately, some animals that they try to save don’t always survive due to their conditions or injuries being too severe, but there isn’t an animal that does not get the best second chance possible with their team

Their commitment and dedication to saving wildlife comes at a great expense to HESC, as the veterinary costs are the responsibility of the centre. And their funding is mostly sourced from us at the WCT.

Please DONATE towards the Animal Hospital or see their WISHLIST for items they need for everyday use.


Here are some of the stories of animals they have rehabilitated. Some have been released already, and some are pending release following full recovery.


Southern Ground Hornbill
Rehabilitated and Released


Pepper the Caracal Released to safer grounds

Bushpig is rehabilitated and released by HESC

Bush Pig rehabilitated and released by HESC

Bushbuck rescued at HESC

Baby Bushbuck rehabilitated at HESC

Small Spotted Genet Cats Soft Release

Small-spotted Genet Cats released at Jabulani

Two White-tailed-mongooses-hesc

Two White-tailed Mongooses brought into the care of HESC

Merlin the Owl with one wing

One winged owl is rehabilitated and has a forever home at HESC

Two caracals released by HESc

Two Caracals released back into the wild


The sad loss of a Barn owl HESC tried to save. Lost to Animal cruelty.