Research Criteria & Policy

The following research policy governs research at HESC:

  1. The use of animals and animal products at HESC for research purposes shall be subject to the Centre’s research policy, and will be in accordance with the international standards for the use of animals for experimental purposes.
  1. The HESC Research and the Animal Use and Care Committees (AUCC) must approve all research, irrespective of animal involvement, conducted at HESC, after the relevant committees in the Institution to which the investigator is affiliated have approved the protocols.
    Research by competent private individuals will not be considered unless adequate reasons can be given for the purpose, and that the results will be published in a reputable scientific journal subject to peer evaluation.
  1. Consideration for the approval of any research can only be given after receipt of a complete research protocol (proposal) providing the required background information, justification of the work to be done, methodology, and routes of dissemination of the information gained by the specific research.
  1. Each protocol should also include a full budget and an indication of the source of funding, taking into consideration that all expenses related to the study (including accommodation and travel) should be included.
    It is important to keep in mind that HESC does not provide research funding and support, and all costs (including laboratory investigations, accommodation, travel, meals, professional veterinary costs and cost of materials) related to the study should be provided by the researcher.
  1. The study can only commence once it has been approved by the relevant committees, and proof of the source of funding (and its approval) has been provided.
  1. All applications for research should be submitted to the Chairperson of the Research Committee, who will have the responsibility of circulating the application to the relevant committee members (Research and AUCC) for scrutiny and recommendation for approval.
    These recommendations are then tabled at the monthly HESC management meeting for final approval.
  1. Research conducted at HESC should benefit the animals at the Centre, and the information thus gained must be published in a reputable scientific journal (including electronic media such as PLOS One, or similar electronic media). HESC should be acknowledged in all these publications.
    Should an employee of HESC make an intellectual contribution to the research, the name of this person should be included in the list of authors of the publication in accordance with conventions governing the sequence of these names.
  1. Once the research protocol has been approved, the day-to-day management of the project becomes the responsibility of the head curator. Any deviation from the protocol or change to the protocol following the start of the project must be reported to the chairperson of the Research Committee.
    The curator will report on the status and progress of each research project on a monthly basis. These reports must be tabled at the monthly Management Meeting.
    A marked deviation from the protocol, for whatever reason, may be cause for the project to be terminated.
  1. The veterinarian attending to the animals at HESC will do all veterinary work in any research project.
  1. Application for research funding
    Applications for funding for applicable research can be submitted to the Wildlife Conservation Trust. For information about this trust and method of application, click on the following link: