About The Rescued Rhinos at HESC

Due to an increase in the number of rhinos killed through poaching, as evidenced by the number of poaching victims arriving at HESC for care, it has become essential for the Centre to expand its facilities. In so doing, they will provide land, facilities as well as support in the rescue, relocation and care of orphaned, traumatised and injured rhinos through the act of poaching.

To date, two adult rhino cows have been successfully rehabilitated after having their horns removed with a chainsaw. Four orphaned baby rhinos have also been cared for, and brought closer to a point of independence.

In January 2016 HESC took in a poaching survivor (a rhino cow); in April 2016 two additional orphans and in September, a rhino bull – another poaching survivor.

At such a critical time, each and every individual rhino becomes important to ensure that sufficient animals are protected to conserve the genetic viability of the species. It is essential that wounded & orphaned rhinos are given a second chance, whatever the cost.

Objectives of the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC
  • The establishment of a sustainable breeding programme to ensure the genetic biodiversity of the white rhino species.
  • The education of learners, students and the general public in respect of the many fallacies that surround the medicinal value of rhino horn, and the far reaching effects of the atrocity of rhino poaching.
  • The release and establishment of rhinos to the wild (prospective destinations must exhibit sound environmental and conservation management policies).
  • The promotion of scientific research and development relating to rhino conservation.
  • The generation of funds to assist in the operational costs of Rescued Rhinos @ HESC.
  • The treatment and care of rhinos in need.